Taste Adventure – Delicious dried soups

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TasteAdventureTaste Adventure, a California company,  manufactures great tasting dried soups in a variety of packaging, and in bulk. When they started offering Canadians these great soups they had Clive Lewis.com redo their packaging in a  CDN Compliant form.

The laws that pertain to food labeling also apply to advertising. In order to reach Canadian Food Buyers, we translated Taste Adventure’s copy and redid their sell sheets in a bilingual, compliant format.

Both packaging and sell sheets were returned as printer ready files.


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“Canada is still underpenetrated in terms of the potential for natural and organic sales, especially relative to Europe,” said Peter Prattas, an analyst at Fraser Mackenzie.
The Natural Food Market in Canada is growing, you can be part of that growth!

•  We’ll help you by taking away the uncertainty of foreign packaging laws and a foreign language and get you ready to reach Canadian buyers.
• We have great Translators, Canadian Translators, who understand this marketplace.
•  We’ll make sure that your packaging, ingredients and claims conform to Canadian law. Our Compliance specialists know Canadian and US label laws. You’re safe.
•  We’ll have everything made compliant, translated and then re-assembled into graphic files ready for you to send to your printers. We take the time to make your packaging look great, even with the addition of a second language.

IT’S (almost) SHOWTIME!

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The fall Trade Shows are coming up and with them come Canadian Brokers, Distributors and Retailers looking for New Product.

We can help you prepare by giving you a quote on making your product ready for the Canadian market, either with fully Canadian Packaging or by stickering as a short term solution. We’d look after compliance with Canadian Law, Translation and Nutritional conversion and then reassemble your files to be ready for your printer.

Contact us via the form on the left and let us help you reach a new, 34 million strong market place.Boston_showfloor


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A bilingual sell sheet, printed or as a pdf, is a great way to reach Retailers. We can translate (or create) your English sell sheet, show your Canadian packaging with photos (or via Photoshop), then add bilingual Ingredients and Nutritional panels as well as your upc’s. It doesn’t cost a lot, much of the material can be cut and pasted from your bilingual packaging.  You’ll receive pdf files that can be sent as email, posted to your web site or printed.


French Translation in Canada

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Does putting French on your labels scare you? You know how you feel about bad English you’ve seen on imported packaging; you really don’t want bad French on your packaging.

We’ll take care of it for you. Our translation is done by professional Translators who understand the nuances and colloquialisms of French as it is spoken in Canada. Your copy will be right in both languages.

Hot! Hot! HOT!

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Here are some labels with a message and the message is “BEWARE!”

This ‘Pain is Good!’ line of hot sauces from Original Juan Specialty Foods in Kansas City have great labels that leave no doubt. Making the set compliant was fun; trying the product brought tears to our eyes.

Reach out and touch someone!

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REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE!!! … a lot of someones.

With a Newsletter you can reach your entire customer/client data base for only pennies each. It’s a great way to drive people to your website, to let them know what’s new and to remind them of your existing product base. It’s a targeted way to improve sales.

Ask us about a Newsletter for your company!

Hold the Mustard!!!

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Canada has officially declared MUSTARD an Allergen. The law comes in to force in August, 2012 but it will be enforced now.

The CFIA has stated that “Until the new regulations come into force on August 4, 2012 the CFIA will continue its current compliance and enforcement activities under the Food and Drugs Act and the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act. This means that during the 18-month coming-into-force period, where undeclared allergens are identified as posing a health risk by Health Canada, the products will continue to be subject to enforcement action by the CFIA. This includes possible product recall. In addition, the CFIA encourages industry to continue to identify the plant source of ingredients on labels (for example, hydrolyzed soy protein, wheat starch, modified wheat starch, soy lecithin).”

If you are printing/re-printing labels and you have mustard in your product you need to list it.

It makes a lot of sense to have your packaging reviewed for Canadian compliance before spending  printing.

Santa Maria Sea Salt

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Two colourful Sku’s of Sea salt Distributed by Procon, a Canadian Distributor.

The labels were created at Clive Lewis.com

Stickering for a start…

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It is okay to sticker product for a few months in order to tell which skus are going to sell the best. The stickers need to be compliant: bilingual and with a Canadian Nutritional panel. It is not legal in Canada to show both US and Canadian Nutritional panels. There are, on occasion, claims that need to be covered; Health Canada doesn’t allow all of the claims that the FDA does.